Mardi Gras Day arrived on March fifth this year, and the city of Mobile, Alabama was ready for a tremendous climax to the carnival season!


The Knights of Revelry presented another momentous parade, with Oxymorons as its theme. Parade watchers were treated to a hilarious range of comedic possibilities with colorful floats illustrating the contradictions in popular phrases such as Pretty Ugly, Old News, and Jumbo Shrimp.


The weather was perfect, the floats were incredible, the Revelers were prepared with an overwhelming array of beads, moonpies, special favors and treats, and the downtown crowds showed up ready for the biggest party of the year.


Folly and KOR Leading Lady Anna Regan led the merry procession through the streets of Mobile, the Birthplace of Mardi Gras and the Mother of Mystics.


Relive one of the best Fat Tuesdays ever with hundreds of images from the Knights of Revelry, celebrating its 145th year as one of the oldest and most prestigious Mardi Gras organizations in  America.


Enjoy video highlights from the 2019 Knights of Revelry Parade and Reception! The password is KOR